Wednesday, November 28, 2012



Part of getting older is "realizations."   What I would give if it was possible to re-write some of the things I have done in past years. It has become very clear that I was not always right and my parents were not always wrong.
A few of the jobs I tossed aside would have been far better for me than some of the glamour jobs I chose to work at.  Relatives who were creepy in my youth might have honestly served as good mentors if I could have put away a few of my childish patterns.  The schooling I threw away as a young girl would have served me if I had paid more attention and got a permanent tutor for math subjects. No one knew yet how to diagnose Dyslexia in my public school days, so I got labeled as RETARDED. Yes, it was very humiliating to be put into a corner by my geometry teacher and to wear a dunce hat in public. Even both my parents and the rest of my family thought I was stupid.  After all, the school principal told them this.  Therefore, it had to be true.

Of course I did do a few things I am very satisfied with. 
:-) For example: My long, wondrous and challenging years in show biz were marvelous.  Raising a child mostly alone after my first husband died was a true accomplishment.  YES... I am proud of how I cared for my little baby girl as a newborn and nursed my husband who had terminal bone cancer.  As difficult as it was (it literally broke my physical health), I somehow survived to become a sincere and sought after trauma therapist.  Being caretaker for my MOM made me grow up and have compassion for aging.  After all, she had love and compassion for me when I was a gravely ill baby and young child.  Helping people and animals in emotional or physical pain has become a way of life for me.  Even as a young child I was the caretaker of many animals, my father when he suffered a massive coronary thrombosis, and my grandmother, when she went through many bouts with debilitating cancers..  This caretaker path fills my soul with rewards that do not have descriptors in spoken or written language. 
Sometimes the payment is not in dollars as I have never turned anyone away if they are sincere and in genuine need. What I have learned in decades of life on the material plane is that this is merely the beginning of our learnings.  Life/consciousness do not end with the last breath in a physical body.  Thanks to all my teachers.  Some of you were once my enemies.  But every one of you were part of the journey.  amen RubyNorma *o*

Monday, November 19, 2012



How precious is new life!  Blest Be. 
Love from and to RubyNorma *o*  

Saturday, November 17, 2012


HECHO EN CHINA You Make the decision

When I write Hecho en China, it means "Made in China."  Here's the scoop on the past few weeks in my life, just after very major surgery.
About one month ago my DISH TV system crapped out. The Dish repair person replaced everything but the receiver b/c we had thought we might be able to save the many fantastic music videos we acquired over many years. We were wrong and the videos couldn't be retrieved so we ordered and received by mail a brand new receiver.   After installation, and every single aspect of the Dish system, and 100% of the technology were made to be brand new, it still did not work.  Sooooo, yet another TV repair human came.  Sure enough, the receiver (Hecho en Chino) was faulty.

Next, the car's battery went to techno-heaven so AAA put in a new battery.  Next two separate ceiling fans went bad.   After purchasing two new ceiling fans for our fabulous repair human Steve to install, he says.... "The most expensive one was factory defective."  Can you guess where it was made? You got it.  Hecho en China.  Lucky for me, Steve was able to re-make and fix what was faulty in front of me with his specialty tools and ingenuity.
Does anyone remember when MADE IN AMERICA meant something good?
I do.....
Love RubyNorma *o

Friday, November 16, 2012



During my lifetime, I have heard the phrase 
"GOD BLESS YOU" untold numbers of time.  For the most part, it held little meaning and was not too sincere sounding.  But on occasion, "GOD BLESS YOU" comes from a source that truly means you good.  Then it is so nice to hear. :-)  For those I genuinely care about, 
I say "GOD BLESS YOU" and mean it. 
Thanks for listening.  Love RubyNorma *o*

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010



                 IN GOD WE TRUSTED

A long time ago, circa post WW 2, I attended public school in an all Italian/German neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. We prayed daily in school. Praying made me feel good even if I was the only Jew in the whole building at this time. It seems to me that America was created with a strong belief in God. And it also was created with the tragic dependency on slaves, and females could not vote, etc. But always, we had this background in a faith and presence of an Almighty God.

    The removal of God's Being is a mistake. Liberal thinking has gone on a journey of destructions. You know the organizations. They preach equality, but some people and organizations are far more equal than others. Long before MAN there was GOD. Long after MAN vaporizes into dusty extinction, there will be GOD. The audacity of removing GOD from our country is as stupid as cutting off the branch you are sitting on and then wondering why you died in a fall.

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