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A long time ago, circa post WW 2, I attended public school in an all Italian/German neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY. We prayed daily in school. Praying made me feel good even if I was the only Jew in the whole building at this time. It seems to me that America was created with a strong belief in God. And it also was created with the tragic dependency on slaves, and females could not vote, etc. But always, we had this background faith and presence of an Almighty God.

The removal of God's Being is a mistake. Liberal thinking has gone on a journey of destructions. You know the organizations. They preach equality, but some people and organizations are far more equal than others. Long before MAN there was GOD. Long after MAN vaporizes into dusty extinction, there will be GOD. The audacity of removing GOD from our country is as stupid as cutting off the branch you are sitting on and then wondering why you died in a fall.

Amen, Namaste, God bless you for writing this, and keep up the beautiful work.
A Bishop in Rome, Italy
Beautifully stated!
That's why this country is in so much trouble. We've forgotten our roots. We've forgotten our faith, We've forgotten one of the main reasons we came to and built up this country in the first place. We've turned our backs on God. And what have we put in His place? Social media, Blackberries,iPads, power, big-screened TVs, money, greed, sex, drugs.

Thomas Merton puts it this way:

"And to try to be happy by being admired by men, or loved by women, or warm with liquor, or full of lust, or getting possessions and treasure, that turns you away, soon, from the love of God; then men, women, and drink and lust and greed take precedence over God; and they darken His light.

And then we are unhappy and afraid and angry and fierce, and impatient, and cannot pray, and cannot sit still. This is the bitter yoke of sin; and for this, we leave the mild an easy yoke of Christ.
Right on. It would be tragic if this were just a general movement away from God, but it is devastating that it is a planned anti-God conspiracy with roots deeper than men alone.
Amen to this. D in AZ
OY! Did you say it truly! ANON in Israel
I am an atheist but have no issues with all my friends believing in GOD. In fact even an atheist can be a decent soul. ANON in Mexico
Is God telling us now to pay attention? Seems like it. Too many very horrible things going on around the world. And more than enough is supposedly in the name of GOD! Mankind appears to have lost its way again. So much evil is in control right now it makes me feel like closing my eyes not to see it. And yet, it has always been that MAN has been both evil and good. Right now it seems like the evil is winning. America, you are copying the worst of Europe now with the never-ending debts. BEWARE, you too can become Greece.
ANON in Europe
Amen! I don't want to risk not inviting God to our party! :)

Amen! I don't want to risk not inviting God to our party! :)
Deb D.
Thank you for saying this. In the UK, Muslims have taken over some of our schools, forcing headteachers out, sometimes by spreading lies about them. Christianity and prayer have been and are, an important part of our culture and must not disappear.
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