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Hola Fidel.  They just announced on TV news that you died. Trust me Kiddo, your legacy will live on.
EVIL is not something that likes to die easily!
Do you remember my family Fidel? 
Yanez Pelletier? Do you remember what you did to them? How could you when you are so busy being judged for which gradation of HELL you will pay your eternal dues in?
I shall spare my readers most of the gory details.
The man in the middle of the photo below (my brother-in-law) saved your life when Batista put you in prison. He was in charge of that prison.  
I loved my brother-in-law Jesus aka Chu-Chu, very very much. So much so, that we communicated telepathically!
Little did my brother-in-law Jesus Yanez Pelletier know, when he refused Batista's orders to poison you, what was to come. He was sent by you to solitary confinement on The Isle of Pines for eleven horrendous years.  That entire time, to save his sanity from solitary, Jesus drew pictures on the walls.  So was his brother sent there to starve and be experimented on.  Some loyalty you showed them. So what if my family didn't want to be Commies. 
Yes, Nixon also didn't know what you were to become.
Here are some of the people you caused exponential horrors to.
Felipe Yanez Pelletier, my long deceased husband and his parents and siblings owe you plenty.  Even I suffered greatly knowing what you did to them. You only think you got away with all the murders and torturing.  You did not! There really is a GOD!
There really is Universal Eternal Judgment!  May you reap exponentially,  what you have sown down here on Earth. And YES, as you were quoted saying, COMMUNISM FAILED!!!  When your comrades join you in HELL, and many of them are in the highest political American offices, as well as famous actors, they too will face judgment.
One of the last things my dying husband ever said while the Cancer ate him to death was...

Dedicated to all those who lived through and died from Fidel Castro, his comrades, and the morons who followed him, and still do.  May Cuba one day be free of its constant violent dictatorships! amen
 Anonymous said...
My family and I also suffered terribly under Fidel, and Batista was another monster. Cuba needs a miraculous intervention from Dios! ANON

My family and I also suffered terribly under Fidel, and Batista was another monster. Cuba needs a miraculous intervention from Dios! ANON

Dear RubyNorma, I knew you would have something to say about Castro. It is terrible what happened to this fine man who protected Castro. Now Fidel will be judged by the one and only true judge for eternity. Rest assured he will pay royally, if Hashem so deems it. Love you Friend, Phyllis­čĺľ

In between the lines we read of such a terrible creature to rule a beautiful island like Cuba. So many of us suffered Dr. Yanez. So many of us died. I weep for the innocents. ANON
Were you possibly referring to Comrade Obama?
May FIDEL CASTRO rot in hell, along with the likes of Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and the many sadistic murdering vampires who have slaughtered so many throughout history! amen. Yes, I know the Americans you were referring to. Yes, they too shall be judged. C in California
We ran for our lives to Florida. Many did not make it. RIP! Anon
We knew your family.

Well said . I can add a few more paragraphs to the horrors suffered by my family.

The world has one less EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVIL person in it today. Let Almighty G-d do the judging. I pray that the good Lord helps the countless victims of CastrobastardÔÇÖs cruelties finally heal and get the closure that they so desperately need.

My two cents.


So sorry for your pain.
Monsters do not get away with it forever. They are made to pay for the harm they cause. KARMA NEVER SLEEPS! L
You are so right and I am with you on this one totally.
Those Comrades of Fidel Castro residing in American high offices of government and making tons of money by acting.... I and my family knew torture by Fidel Castro. We did not want to be Commies!!!! You are remarkably stupid, and very naïve! Perhaps you need to suffer much more in a violent dictatorship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What will The Universal Judgment be for this creature from hell?
Can you imagine if he was the dictator of America, Russia, China? Look at the harm and suffering he caused his little Island of Cuba. Look at the drug running he did for starters. The trouble he caused in other lands. He lived very well and ate well, on the blood of his fellow Cubans.
Mi familia, (my family), were very dark skinned Blacks from Nigeria. There was plenty of racial prejudice to go around, naïve and ignorant America. For those of you who praise Fidel Castro, know that he was in league with THE DEVIL!
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