Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Another Neil

My first cousin Neil recently passed over to be with God. He was younger than me. We were reunited a few years ago and well on our way to becoming close when suddenly, Neil was gone. I am grateful for the quality, although too brief, that we had as pen-pals. Needless to say, it has been a bittersweet time. Not since many, many decades ago, when there was a series of deaths in my immediate family in a very brief few years, have I seen so many funerals bunching up like bullets shooting targets point blank! It's a Category Five Hurricane, with no place to hide from the harsh reality. There's a ferocious sense of helpless tears. I find myself praying so much that it seems like I just do not stop.

My wonderful lifetime friends were expecting a new grandbaby and had been traveling away from America, so did not know about our family loss of Neil. Today I decided to call them and see if the baby had been born yet. Sure enough a baby boy was born a wee bit after our Neil went to God. Guess what the new baby's name is? "NEIL!" Boy did I have a smile on my face hearing this name. Some would call it coincidence. I do not believe in coincidences. Some might call this serendipity. I call it a lovely gift of acknowledgment that life goes on.

Blest Be. RubyNorma *o*

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