Thursday, July 15, 2010


Scapegoat Du Jour

While responding today to a lovely gal, an idea came to me to write about people in bad moods. They all too often seek out someone to become their

Having been put upon in this unpleasant manner more than once, I would like to tell some of you off. Other times I think it may depend on 'who' the creepy behavior belongs to. After all, if your boss is a grouch, you may not be ready to lose a paying job by telling him/her where to go.
Above you see me on stage working with my orchestra. That put me into a position to meet multiple grouches. If I was not tactful, it would have cost not only my own job, but that of my band-members. Later on in life I entered public politics. Once again, tact was more useful than bombarding those who were ugly to me. Yet, sometimes it is simply unavoidable. When that happens, what to do? Telling nasty people where to go can feel wonderful in the moment of emotions. And sometimes it really is the right thing to do.
In my spiritual belief system, I accept that we come here to learn our spiritual and material lessons. We have free will. Making choices in difficult situations is part of this task. Oh boy! I have not always been bright or wise! Now I find myself more inclined to call upon years of memories dealing with 'the grouchies.'
I would love to hear your opinions and comments on this interesting subject.
Blessed Be. Ruby *o*
Oh how I agree with this thinking. Thank you.
My boss is a creepy rude grouch. He knows how much I need this job to support my young family. Wish me luck finding a happier position.
I'm going right now to tell offc my other half. ;)

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