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I love gardening.  Perhaps you do too?
It is amazing how well my weeds thrive!!!
They have eternal strength to make it through all attempts at getting rid of them.
I, on the other hand, am a senior gardener and do not have their eternal strength!
If I was a weed, how much stronger, more hardy, and energetic would I be?  The minute you pick me from the ground, I begin growing.  When it rains we grow up overnight!
If you poison me I come back.
Perhaps you thought about the subject before?
But... if I was a weed, how much better off would I be than the aging and foolish gardener who is writing this?? :-)

It took wisdom to look at it this way! That is the Zen Beauty of being a senior gardener! Does it stop you from gardening? No!
I love this RubyNorma and can honestly say that I totally relate to what you have said. Winter has given some relief from gardening work and, the bulbs that I planted later than I should have, are emerging and will eventually provide reward for my efforts. We had a very mild, wet Winter, too wet to cut the grass, which didn't seem to hibernate as it should during the past months. We finally managed to cut it last week and, although it looks a little untidy at the moment, it will improve with the passing weeks. Shrubs need pruning, a job that I used to get on and do without giving it a lot of thought. These days I do give it more thought and choose a time when I feel that I have more energy.
In spite of everything, I do enjoy gardening and am pleased when we look out in the Summer months and see roses, hydrangeas, plus the other plants, in full bloom. Maybe all I really need is the occasional dose of fertlizer, then I too will thrive like the beautiful plants.......and unfertilized weeds.


Smiles for this blog. I totally relate. RC in Mexico
hahahaha, We love your sense of humor. Our weeds are just like your weeds.

Diego and Familia in Belize
I tried twice to publicly comment on the blog that " It took wisdom to even look at it this way! That is the Zen Beauty of being a senior gardener! Does it stop you from gardening? No!"
Xo Deb in AZ

Hi Ruby,
Thank you for sharing this nice blog about being weed.
Sadly many of us are seen as bad weeds in this world.
Lots of Love and Blessings.

Oh, so true! Our jungle vine grows as we watch, literally! When we first arrived here we had to cut it out of the trees every day for almost a year before we got rid of the wretched stuff!
Now we just have rebellious coconuts, who grow roots before they even hit the ground! Luckily the locals take them away before they get too big!
Hugs Jenni and Nigel in Belize

I am in an apt. No gardening. Love the blog. E.
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