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People have devised so many ways to deal with death of loved ones.  In Tibetan Buddhist tradition they do a sky burial. Some believe in cremation.  Others bury immediately and SIT SHIVA.  Still others, make a huge celebration and view the body of the deceased. Whatever your beliefs, this is an emotional experience to be respected.
I recently lost a number of soul-beloveds, one right after another.  At first I thought I was doing o.k.  But then, it seemed like my body just collapsed on me.  From some place beyond most peoples' beliefs, I was told to SIT SHIVA. This spiritual custom is how old?  Perhaps even long before the Ancient Hebrews began doing this, it was practiced by the bereaved.  For me, when all else gives zero relief, it is a MUST do. There is some kind of closure to doing this act of respect and paying homage to loved ones. Whether human or even a cherished pet, SITTING SHIVA is an overt act of having to let go of what was, and accepting what is now.  I must tell you that at the end of this round of paying homage to my loved ones, I do have a better sense of closure.  Besides, for me, physical death is merely the beginning of attending a new school of challenging learning in the spiritual realms.  Please comment on your beliefs?

My husband and I were pregnant with twins. We are sitting SHIVA for them now. They were stillborn. Anon
We are so sorry for your losses. May you find them again when GOD calls you. amen
Beautiful sentiments – love the empty dog bed

I think my beliefs are very similar if not the same as yours

Hugs from Tucson,

Dear N.,
We are very spiritually similar in our beliefs. RubyNorma *o*
Thank you Dear Dr. Yanez....

Grief is ongoing but it gets softer with time.

What a tribute to your beloveds.



I hope that feel a spiritual lightness from this sacred practice. D


The grief we feel at the death of a favored person or pet has generated many cultural actions, often dating back to time immemorial, as you note about the Sit Shiva. There is also a need for a "mind cleansing", if I may call it that, when someone whom you have detested in life dies, like an abusive relative, so the surviving person can go on through life with a (fractionally) healed mind. JIM

Dear Jim... You bring up an excellent point about a detested one dying. Ruby *o*
A relative who severely abused me and others just died. I feel mixed emotions. anon
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