Friday, April 23, 2010



Recalling so many lives past, I never ceased longing for YOU.
At times I was devilish, or perhaps as meek and fragile as a kitten,
But always in my soul is the knowledge that if not for YOU, I would not exist.

With knifing fears and terrors of the material journey, and the joys of bliss
YOU carry me forward. YOUR names are different to others. GOD, Almighty MIND, Goddess, Christ, Krishna, Buddha, etc…. All intone a sacred energy.

We fight wars in YOUR name(s), destroying the precious innocents.
We conquer, maim, level into crushed black ashes what YOU created. And then beat our breasts in glee for we have won! What have we won? In the eons of our past, we fought wars as well. Did we learn? Did we lose? Did we win?
In war and peace, I never cease, longing for YOU.

What a testimonial to learning how to find global peace. Too bad MAN seems unable to do this.
Anon in Asia
Do think God even cares anymore?
This is a beautiful poem. It has great meaning for me. Thank you.
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