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Once upon a time I had a loving mother.  Irene Shirley lived a life of very severe mental and physical abuses.  She was basically the forced servant of a ruthless mother while some of her siblings weren't much better.  MOM, you left us when you were much too young.
Today I will only discuss the happy times she and I shared.
Being an artist, MOM gave an enormous amount of time to teaching me about art, major museum hopping, and music.  The shared enjoyment was spent at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Museum of Natural History, both in NYC. On occasion we'd go to The Brooklyn Museum as well. She knew so much about history, the world-acclaimed-artists, and cultures of places like
Ancient Egypt.  This instilled in me the passion for studying about their Pyramids, pharaohs, and unrivaled artwork. 
I remember MOM teaching me to respect language. We'd play Scrabble and it was fierce competitions.  In every bathroom was a dictionary.  She had a beautiful singing voice and played pretty decent
piano.  The times we sang together were very precious to me.
Of all the nice things I remember it was her professional level sense of humor.  We would joke that she could make a corpse laugh!!!  It was that lovely sense of humor and her wit that kept us going when the very difficult events happened.
Some of that skill to make others laugh rubbed off on me as well.  Mommy, please save a comfy, loving place near you when it is my turn to leave here. Thank you for the time and energy you gave to teach me. It wasn't wasted.
Love from your first born daughter.

Wonderful post, Dr. Yanez. Our mother was a nasty woman. I try to be a far kinder mother to my own children than she was. So do my sisters. And yet, I still miss our mother. Go figure. Anon in MN
Beautiful tribute, RubyNorma, Beautiful!


Ruby, I wish I'd had a chance to know her. She sounds amazing. She certainly had a wonderful daughter. DR
A lovely tribute. Elenita in MD
Happy Mother's Day RUBYNorma!!!πŸŒΊπŸŒΌπŸπŸ’πŸŒ»
happy mothers day ruby. silk in mexico
She was a loving and caring soul! May she rest in peace. PC in PA
That's a wonderful tribute to your beautiful mother, RubyNorma and, I'm sure you helped her through those later difficult times that you mentioned. Gordon in Britain
She sounds like a very precious, special and loving mom. I am so sorry for her abuses, but very inspired by her bright side of seeing life.

I had a very special mom and loved my childhood. My dad was also very special and I know how lucky I was to have both. They both left this world much too soon.

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Mother's Day

Lovely tribute. My Mom died on the 30th of April, four days past her 70th birthday and just far to suddenly and far too young.

Blessings to you my friend.


Beautiful ....I miss mine xx
Hi Ruby,
Thanks for this blog.
It goes straight to the heart.As for me my relationship with my mother was somewhat a disaster as what went on with her was not really what I perceived at the time.She died when I was ten.Story has it that she commited suicide by drinking some poison that irreversibly damaged her kidneys.
I only realised her value to me in my late fifties and my misconstrued ideas about her.Things fell into place when I confronted my aunt in France about it.She burst into tears and sort of reluctantly blurted out the truth.You see.In the fifties suicide was a crime punishable by fifteen years in prison,even in Mauritius.
Lots of Love and Blessings.
Beautiful. Xxx Roni.
Beautiful tribute, Ruby.
hugs, g in MD

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