Monday, November 21, 2011



Today I described myself as a "MONOTHEISTIC PAGAN." hehehe

Then I had to analyze exactly what it was I was attempting to say.

The monotheistic portion seems to be that I feel Almighty Mind to be completely INSCRUTABLE, but yet.... I can somehow sense it in the primal essence of self. I most certainly do belief in a higher power than MAN.

The Pagan aspect gets a wee bit more complicated. I revere nature and the stunning energies bestowed upon this planet. When viewing volcanoes, massive upheavals of boulders, or breathtaking views, I literally blend with them in their infinite energy.

Feeling quite comfortable in other peoples' religions is normal for me. Yet, I follow no one specific religion. Instead, what becomes something of beauty is generally accepted, and given its due respect.

How I wonder where The Buddha, Jesus, and so many other avatars would go to worship? My heart says they would choose a natural setting that does not close them up inside of a labeled religion. Before organized religions, there was still personal worship.

Today's religious prejudice is not of GOD/Goddess Almighty. It is of MAN.

Blest Be. Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

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