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Someone very close to me just asked if I was prepared for the impending deaths of aged, and gravely ill loved ones. I am not.

Here are photos of Sir Magick, Aunt Kay, and my cousin Bob, who passed at only 29. How does one do this preparation? Do we ask friends, family, shrinks, clergy? For some reason, in my many years of counseling others, I never learned this monumental wisdom. What I have learned is to pray, meditate, give thanks for the time we had together, and cry.

Boy can I cry. Hehehe, I even cry when I am over-joyed. Who among us is so prepared? I really wonder?

My way of loving is totally loyal, deeply, and intensely. So yes, passion is part of my persona. When they leave us for the next spiritual zip code, I will feel, mourn, and probably need to be quiet for a while. It's the only way I can do it.

When a patient comes for grief counseling, we use a method I learned so many years ago from a few great teachers like Brent Baum. The patient is taken to a time of love and safety to meet with the loved one who passed. Sometimes it is many loved ones which we handle only one at a time. They say all the gorgeous things loved ones should say, and leave a great energy gap filled with this security blanket. The relief I have seen in doing the hypnotic protocol just described, has been nothing short of amazing. Yes, I do use it for myself.

Please feel free to speak with me on this topic? Blest Be. *o*

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This inspired me. Thank you. C. in Fayetteville

Some important wisdoms here, Dr. Yanez. anon in Seattle

Really gave me things to think about. V in DC

No matter how much we learn in life, death of a loved one is a tragic event.

Dr. R in Nevada.

Sometimes when a cherished one dies, it is a blessing b/c they were suffering.

Yet I still mourn. Fannie in Oklahoma

I would like to have a session with you please? Reilly in AZ

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