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Reprinting a two year old ++ blog. It is even more current now than two years ago. How sad that your government is what it is. History has not taught anyone how to curb the insanity, not in America, nor in The European Union! Will we become a Greece? Tune in tomorrow Ladies and Gents for the ongoing saga of how morons rule.

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Saturday, October 03, 2009


If you do not understand the "LET THEM EAT CAKE" portion of my title, then please look up Marie Antoinette and The French Revolution. As with all known societies, uncontrolled power eventually corrupts those who misuse their power. This is precisely what has come to pass in America with the out of control spending by its citizens. Not only has the public gone out of control with spending, but the government has become addicted to spending. This is the manner in which addiction proceeds in its history. Once addicted, it is most rare for addicts to stop on their own.
An inevitable crash is what can and will stop the addict, at least temporarily. Whether the addiction is to spending, gluttonous eating, narcotics/booze....or to gambling, ADDICTS will not stop on their own.
What kind of crash will stop your government from the gluttonous spending on warfare, welfare handouts, bailouts, career politician corruptions, and let us not forget those underpaid CEO's? I am no genius. But, I am old enough to recall when 'Made in America' and quality still had a long lost meaning. I am also old enough to recall that our educational system was once admired instead of reviled. Once a government can control minds and pockets, it controls YOU! Once a government can control YOU, it runs rampant over your rights. Once a government controls your rights, it is an ADDICT to power, spending, corruptions, and greed. Please help your government control its addictions? If not, then you fill in the blanks - - - - - -

We have received too many comments to post. This one says it all.

= Anonymous said...I once had a job. My multiple college education(s) have no meaning these days in the destroyed job market, since in my field of endeavors America sent our jobs overseas. We pulled our kids from college and lost our home. This article fully explains the depravity going on today in our nation. Our politicians are insane with spending and greed. And yes, they do remind me of Marie Antoinette! Anon and Family in America

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