Sunday, January 06, 2013


Children's Wisdoms - Dear God

Over the many years I have interacted with children, it appears that the simple questions they have asked are the most profound!  Here is a compiled list of the precious beauty of children. Perhaps in your adulthood, you too have asked GOD a few of these simple and poignant questions?

Why did my mommy/daddy/grandparent have to die and leave me?  I miss them.

Why did my pet go to Rainbow?

Where are we moving to, I like it here with my friends?

It's not fair that you are punishing me for cheating on my exam.  You wouldn't have to if the mean teacher didn't catch me.

Why are you and daddy getting a divorce? Is it my fault?

Please don't make me go to school with the bullies there who hit me?

Mommy I tried.  But the pants got wet anyway.

What do I have to do to get your attention since the new baby arrived?

How many times I and my family have spoken similar things to GOD! Thank you for reminding us that in many ways, we are all children. ANON VT
I do not believe in GOD. But I have asked the universe some of these questions. ANON Wyoming
My children used to ask very similar questions. R in Australia
Does God ever answer you Dr. Yanez?
ANON Florida
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