Sunday, January 27, 2013


TOO MANY YEARS (Dark Poetry)

Dedicated to MY VIOLENT DADDY DEAREST, Our Family from Hell,
and all who have knowingly, and without the slightest remorse, caused abandonment and betrayals to others. You know who you are! 
And so do your victims!

By Dr. RubyNorma Yanez

Gravely ill and abandoned at birth, untouched or spoken to for two unendurable years in a hospital,
You all left me alone to wither and die, except for My Beloved Mommy Irene Shirley.
Why bother yourselves with a sick, dying baby, especially a girl!  Remembering the many times you told me girls aren’t worth anything.

Some of you say you have learned and are kinder, more loving. BUT….
I just don’t believe you, YOU FAMILY FROM HELL!
Too many years and too many tears, apart.

Now some of you tell me you want me back in your life.
That I really was the caring one to whom you feel loyalty.
Yet, you beat me bloody, hemorrhaging and unconscious, and put a loaded gun to my head.  You broke my bones, destroyed me financially with your chronic stealing,
but not my soul.

Too many years and too many tears, apart.

My universe was shattered.  My earthly life ripped to shreds.
You left knowing this, but you left anyway!  I stretched out my child-like hands
to you.  Don’t leave me. Please?  Oh Please!  But, you left anyway!
Too many years and too many tears, apart.

Lying for you is a great talent. Never a blink on your many false faces to give me the
slightest hint of dishonesty.  Yes, I wanted to trust!
You stole away in the bleak, shadowed years, our potential happiness and hope.
It could have, should have, would have worked itself out well.
Why didn’t you ever simply try to be kind or compassionate?  Instead, only the SILENCE of
“You just don’t care if I live or die!”

Your ever-repeating-behaviors…. Lying, stealing, beating wives, children, and the cheating on your marriages… Nothing fazed you.  It was all fine in the putrid mentality of your brutal business and family ways.
Are any of you rotting in hell? 

So no, NO MORE, my long-lost false darling(s).
It can only hurt every one of us because…. it just didn’t work out.
Life has taught me to smile at too many years and too many tears, APART!
The tears and smiles are genuine. The harsh lessons are learned, settled, screaming, scarred well, inside a tattered heartbreak.

For those who stayed and gave me their sincere and honest love, I thank you.
For those who left, and were dishonest and even sadistic, I also thank you.
Every one of you is my Karmic soul’s teacher. 
Too many years, too many tears, APART!

You poor thing! What a vile family you have described. And yet you made a productive life for yourself in spite of this horrible beginning.
You go girl! Good that you wrote this dark poem and expressed yourself. Our entire family and I journal as a way of life. It is healthy and good for the soul. Blessings on you Dr. Ruby.
Dipak and Family in NYC
As a survivor of unspeakable familial tortures, I can understand what you experienced. Thank you Dr. Yanez for printing and publishing this testimonial. Far too many of us are afraid to tell the truth. My guess is that from those very old photos, the perpetrators have died? In my case they are still alive and there would be reprisals. None of my eight siblings will acknowledge what we went through.
Raised in a cult ~ ANON TN
WOW! You are one real survivor IMHO, Dr. Ruby. It takes courage to call abusers what they really are. Did you ever fight back? ANON in NH
You moved me to tears with this writing. I sure hope it wasn't about your own family. Very good, very emotional and also, quite harsh. I plan to send it to a few people who are being abused. Perhaps they can break away from the mean people who hurt them?
Anon in HI
How did you survive the abuse? Please write a blog on that level of survival? Thanks. Judy age 11
I come from a family of monsters who assault their wives and children regularly. It is ingrained in the cultural training.
Even though we now reside in America, they continue the severe abuse and no one ever gets arrested or put into jail for how they hurt us. Why did they even bother to leave their homeland to come to The USA is my question? In our far away homeland they are applauded for wife beating and child molestions. It's sick and horrible to live with. When I get older, I want to run away from these awful people. In school no one asks why I have bruises. Why? Is it because I look different and wear clothes that aren't "IN?" I wish that my relatives would be arrested and put away to be punished! As a female, I have no rights, even in The USA.
ANON No State or Name Given As I am Terrified They Would Hurt Me For Telling The Truth. Please Print This For Others To Read.
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