Thursday, January 24, 2013


Rose Kennedy's Wisdoms

Very long ago, I was taught that the passage of time heals all wounds.  I believed this until tragedy overtook me.  During and after the very harsh experiences, I also learned what Rose Kennedy is quoted as saying above.  Why do some of us fare better than others when life's journey brings crisis and tragedies?  I know people who will only focus on happy, beautiful things.  Are they the ones who do better than most with life's travails?  I know those who choose to be realistic.  Are they the ones who fare better in hard times?  Who is to say what level of attitudes will be the best for us while grieving?  Some work like they are possessed in order not to have time to think.  Others drown themselves in food, alcohol, drug addictions, constant travel, etc. Some study certain spiritual paths in order to feel happier. And a small portion of our population even makes believe that everything is merely an illusion so we need not feel anything at all.
Please write and tell us what works positively for your own life when trials and tribulations occur?  Thank you for your wisdoms.  Love RubyNorma *o* 

In my humble opinion at age 85, all of the techniques that honestly do help are good to combine. We think your writings are a blessing to me and my family. Thank you Dr. Yanez.
Mr. Sunshine and Family in remote Kentucky
In a perfect world we would not have to keep on suffering major losses of loved ones, lose our hard earned pensions, or be subject to violent abuses and evil governments. ANON in PR
When I was a child I escaped with books…spent time at the libraries and museums, loved the outdoors. Now there's no escaping reality, because I'm the caretaker. G in MD

When I am stressed I eat like an elephant lots of food and end up looking like one as well.
R in Melbourne

It is our belief that the lessons and learnings here on Mother Earth are mostly intended for our spiritual growth.
If you believe in reincarnation, then we have many chances to learn even if we screw up our lives. Attitude is probably a big lesson. Given identical circumstances, two people might behave is two different ways.
ANON in Atlanta
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