Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Generations Of Music

So very much alike.
Like daughter, like grandson, both showing above that they enjoy music.  I do not have photos of me with headphones on. If I did, it would also be shown in this blog about music.  From earliest times in my life I was already an entertainer.

Here I am back in the Stone age singing my heart out for anyone who would enjoy the heartfelt offering. And I also loved to dance. The hula skirt helped the baby wiggle.  I still recall those people who were watching me with a smile on their faces....

  Many years and rehearsals later, part of our band is shown at The Empire Room of The Waldorf Astoria.  I have been blessed with the love of music. It allowed me to earn a living doing what I loved the most. For all who I had the joy of watching and working with, may you Rest In Peace.  That fabulous and multi-cultural big band up in the sky has a wonderful seat waiting for me to join them.  Thank you GOD for allowing me to feel the pleasure of music, dance, singing, and acting.  I am so grateful to YOU! My family appears to be following in these similar foot steps.  

This blog is so sweet. Thank you. Raul in Pasadena
Music is a very useful tool for healing. ANON England
We really like those photos, Dr. Yanez. Keep these family-type- blogs coming. It is so nice to read them with my whole family. The children even enjoy when I read to them. ANON RI
You really are blest. ANON in AZ
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