Sunday, January 13, 2013


VOICES FROM BEYOND - Para-Norma-lly Yours

This my MOM, the most accurate and prolific psychic I have ever personally known.
Here she is in The NYS Catskills when she was young and still healthy. Mommy Irene is so happy in this photo, as we loved to be in The Catskills.  It is where we were at peace with nature and lived a social butterfly life.
The troubled man I called my father, did not go on his lethal, violent rampages there, as he regularly did in Brooklyn.   Mom's ability to read the future and use telepathy were simply uncanny!!!  I believe this is also a familial gift.  Of late, I have been experiencing an unusual number of ESP events which almost leave me breathless. They sometimes come in crowded spurts.  And boy, am I spurting! :-)
One thing I have learned about ESP is that when someone who is gifted makes a blunder, they are usually very wrong.  Why these mistakes occur is at least in part because of wishful thinking, emotions in faulty interpretations, and/or just plain ego.  I wish to pay tribute to my mother's gift which she regularly termed a "curse" because her mother told her it was.  Nowadays, I know another word... it is a "gift."  If ESP is misused, abused, or on occasion not interpreted correctly, that still doesn't warrant thinking of it as a curse..  Sadly my Grandmother Minnie was wrong and imbued MOM with great guilt. I am blest to have been witness to her extraordinary, paranormal talents. I love you MOMMY. Until we meet again in Rainbow.  Thank you for your recent visits.  They mean the world to me. *o*

Yes, it can run in families. And yes, your MOM was very gifted.
ANON from PR
Dr. Ruby, your mother was beautiful. At least you do not feel uncomfortable with the gift.
ANON Toronto
I have been mediumistic since earliest childhood. So are my children. This really is a gift to be used wisely and with prayers. ANON SC
Our society is still ignorant about being truly psychic. Perhaps it interferes with those in some religions who want us to obey?
What we call paranormal, others consider to be their every day normal. ANON in Chicago
You write great blogs. ANON VT
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