Wednesday, August 04, 2010



Thank you Dr. Mike and Dr. Brett for helping me get my life back. When I first went to your Central Scottsdale office, I was literally screaming in pain from a chronic birth injury. Yes, it took a while and a few nasty relapses, but I am now able to work and garden, clean my home, and walk again. You both are my fantastic angels. The compassion your wonderful staff has shown me is also a blessing. They greet people with a sincere smile. And thank you to Dr. Mike's beautiful mother Lorraine.
Thank you is just not enough, so this is why I am doing it publicly on Norma's Ark Blog. I will be in shortly for my regular tune-up.
Your Ever Grateful Neighbor Down The Block,
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

Scottsdale Camelback Chiropractic-Southwest corner of Miller and Camelback next to Zipps restaurant.
4432 N. Miller Rd #102, Scottsdale AZ 85251 480-945-0008

Glendale Camelback Chiropractic-On the corner of 99th Avenue and Camelback. Just off the 101.
9971 W. Camelback Rd #105, Phoenix, AZ 85037 623-872-0002

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