Thursday, July 16, 2015


Somewhere In Rainbow - ParaNormaLLY Yours

Somewhere  in Heavenly Rainbow, reside the vast majority of my loved ones.  Having lived so many decades of this current incarnation, it stands to reason that there are even more in spirit than here on Earth.  Some went to another place. 

Of late,  the lucid  dreams containing contact with loved ones who have passed, are dramatically increasing. It is quite pleasant, although I awake with many a question mark in my heart. Why are they coming to me so often and vividly?  What's it all about?

The last time anything of this magnitude occurred were the six months prior to 9/11/2001, when I vividly saw the coming horror day and night!  So now you see why I am asking what is behind all these long and vivid current contacts. It is not limited to those who were human.  My beloved pets are also visiting.  And so are some from the historical records, like Albert Einstein!  Have any of you ever had experiences of this nature? 

Please send your comments to add to this wondrous subject of contacts with our loved ones in spirit.   Thank you for your paranormal experiences in advance. :-)
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez CH.t.



WOW! I am very intuitive. Have been this way since birth. This is not unusual to hear. You sure have courage.
We also believe in life after life. I wish my loved ones would visit me more often. You are being blest. G in Toronto
I can feel their presence. E in TX
Your imagination has run wild. But I still love to read your blogs. JF
When I think of somebody sometimes I feel like they are next to me. ANON
This is a fabulous gift you have. I have known others like you. Jolie
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