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I love you precious little ones. Will you be famous and successful? Average, or even fail at life?  Will you be kind and compassionate, understanding and help those in need?  Or perhaps selfish, greedy, domineering and insulting? Will you harm both humans and animals?  Or perhaps rescue and heal them? 
All of us should have love and support while growing up to deal with life as both children and adults.  In a perfect world we would.  Bless you precious little ones for you are the future!

Love from an older mother.
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez, CH.t


We are leaving a mess of a world for the coming generations. BY NYC
Saw your ad on FB and really enjoyed reading the blog. We will return to Norma's Ark now that we have found you. The Russos
Enjoyed those photos. D
Wonderful animal pictures. NYC
Yes to having that kind of nurture. S
My siblings and I didn't have what you discussed. It was and still is rough. BOB
Amen. If they aren't loved and taught when they are young, when will it happen? Or, sadly, won't it? Nippee in AZ
We so enjoy your photos. Can feel the love even through the computer.
JK in MD
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