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Ancient Belief In An After-Life

Mon Mar 29, 6:52 AM ET
A picture released by Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities shows a newly-discovered red granite false door unearthed in front of Karnak Temple in Luxor. The carved stone door -- which ancient Egyptians believed was the threshold to the afterlife -- was unearthed near the Karnak Temple in Luxor and belongs to the tomb of User.

YES! This is a photo of an ancient Egyptian door to the after-life. Yet untold eons before it was created, very early MAN was already burying their dead with flowers, ornaments, utensils, tools, and the essence of spirituality. What triggered such an idea in our species?
I have seen animals mourn, pine away, and be depressed when their companions go. Why not early MAN?
Surely our prehistoric hunter/gatherer forefathers and mothers had brief and harsh lives. Infant mortality must have been exceptionally high. How could they continue their searching for food and shelter watching the daily realities of life and death? Creative MAN conjured many feelings into the eons of raw spirituality. They saw the brevity of life as a hardship to survive. Hence, the continuity of mind and a new, spiritual existence would be a logical idea to bring them comfort.
Today, so many organized religions accept the concept of life after physical death, that it has taken root to the very core of our being. We speak about heaven (and on occasion it can be hell), as if it is a real, viable place to encounter our loved ones after we pass. Some people claim to contact their loved ones. Some people claim to contact other spirits. After a lifetime of doing research on this subject,
I have become a person who does believe we continue on consciously after the physical part ends here. Endless stories of those who return from Near Death Experiences have me convinced that they are telling the truth. I myself have had four Near Death Experiences. It was beyond glorious to encounter the angelic beings on the other side. Surely, a profound belief that has been part of MAN since the earliest of ponderings, and has lasted up to this moment, must be a very power-filled energy!
Seek in your own minds and souls that wondrous sense of oneness with eternity.
And please share your global thoughts with our readers? Blest Be. Ruby *o*

Greetings Dr. Yanez. Now you're cooking! Great thoughts on our emotional and spiritual growth as a species. Thank you.
Reverend B. in Australia
Although I practice medicine in The USA, I was raised in Asia.
Life after life is a normal concept for a majority of we Asians. Science has not changed my beliefs, Dr. Yanez.
Many of my patients have told me about their Near Death Experiences with similar recountings. It changes their lives permanently, as far as my own research tells me. They generally seem more at peace afterwards.
Bringing this to light in The Western World is a good thing. Most people globally, do believe in an after-life.
WOW! Four NDR's. You must have learned a great deal from the paranormal experiences. Please share more on your blog?
Dr. Gupta
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