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TELEPATHY, LIFE AFTER LIVING, by Dr. Ruby Norma Yanez, Cht.
In the overall agony of losing my beloved soul-kitties and humans......... I find them communicating with me in dreams, while awake, and through intense feelings. I have been this way since earliest babyhood. At times I can see them. At times they play chasing games with my surviving kitties, and every so often, they can appear in photos, or while I am awake. It is now purrrrfectly normal everyday life, which I give humble thanks to God Almighty for permitting. In particular, my Precious RubyGlow is teaching me spiritual physics from Rainbow. Sir Magick does this as well. At first it seemed unusual that my beloved soul-mate-felines would be this advanced spiritually. It then dawned upon me that in fact, they could have smarts way above mine. One of the pictures has been professionally tested by a gentleman who does scientific testing of photos to prove or disprove authenticity and fudging. He said it was completely legit. It clearly shows a cat head, body, tail, and a semi-circle of a rainbow in white fuzzy brilliance entering my home from
Sir Magick's gravesite. This magnificent reminder of pure unconditional love and life after life is happily up on my fridge to kiss daily. Please all of you, do not doubt that they love you, are trying to make contact, and are alive and well in an altered energetic format in "Spiritual Heavenly Rainbow!" It is my honest belief that before we all went techno, we humans communicated with spirit as a normal way of life. We also used the gift of telepathy much more often with our living life-forms. Telepathy is not that well understood, even now! When treating my trauma patients for grief, we use a method to bring them together to speak and give affection to those who have transitioned. It truly balms the pain. Thank you for allowing me to speak on this subject. ;)))) ~ Dr. Ruby Norma Yanez *o*
Revised from my article on Norma's Ark Blog
Stunning Dear Norma,
Thanks with love....h/elen

I am blown away by your wonderful article on telepathy because the same things go on in my own life. Thank you for helping me see this is normal.
Hal in Hamburg, Germany
Dear Dr. Yanez,
This is so much a joy for me to read. All my life I have remained in the closet because my family thought I was nuts for being able to speak with animals and the departed. You give me the courage to be who I really am. My family will just have to accept that I'm more sensitive than the majority of people alive today. And yes, it is my honest belief that MAN used to be able to use telepathy as a normal way of communications. Thank you again for putting this out to the public.
Coming out and facing my reality in America.
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