Sunday, May 30, 2010



This Memorial Day Weekend, 2010, has made me pensive. Far too many wonderful souls died in the name of warfare. They earned their rest, and paid in blood. Many were heroes and heroines in the true sense of the concept.

I've lived through so many American wars, that it seems like an unending, tragic pattern. Does no one ever learn the lessons of eternal history? Yet, I dare to HOPE! Hope to witness, to know even long after I spiritually join my loved ones in Rainbow..... that PEACE can someday become a lasting, happy thought-form. HOPE is a four letter word.
Love from Ruby *o*

It is very challenging to have hope when The Nobel Peace Prize Winner sends in so many troops to die in current American wars. I just don't make any sense of this hypocracy. Do any of you? Where is he on this Memorial Day? Did he attend ceremonies?
In reply to the first comment left, I do not see logic in awarding this Nobel Prize for Peace to a man who foments war.
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