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Let's pretend that it is before organized religions, we were still hunter/gatherers, America, Israel, Iran, North Korea, Jesus, Muhammed, and anything else that might possibly create wars, just did not yet exist. Would there be peace between MEN and tribes? Could there be a world without wars if all these factors were removed?
We welcome your replies. Thanks in advance. Doc Ruby *o*

There would be other reasons for MAN ro fight, steal, rape, pillage.
This is the nature of our species. Of course there are kindly, compassionate souls. But warfare seems to be chronic in MAN.
B in Europe
Alas, war is a sad fact of life and while religion is a key reason to fight, there are others just as powerful: personal beliefs, greed, finance, food supply, locations, jobs.... well, you get the idea..

Its unfortunate that those NOT responsible are usually the first to go ~ yet another injustice of life. But we are a volatile and ever changing species. Really, we're all just animals who fight, kill, battle for what we believe may be "better" (but what is usually just "different").

I think its good to have a belief, any belief, that you would be willing to die for. Otherwise, we would all just be passively procreating with no regard for life or earth. Peace would be nice, but it may not be what we need... ;)
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