Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Pets Have Feelings

These photos show my beloved mother cat, RubyGlow, now in Rainbow, and her baby named Calypso MonAmi, who is all grown and a very big boy. I recently embraced Calypso close to my heart and asked him, "Where's RubyGlow?" He looked all around and a tear fell from his eye. How purely moving to feel his emotions. God Bless The Precious Animals. amen

There have been so many times I experienced the love and acute memory of my pets. I will write more blogs on this subject in the future.

You are so sensitive and know exactly how to make me appreciate my own pets. Thank you.
Your RubyGlow must have been the most loving pet-roommate for you to dedicate such a loving blog to her memory. Yes, I believe that they are generally smarter than most people give them credit for.
Owned and nurtured by my pet cats.... Joey, Tatiana, Merry, and our puppy Beagle, Viking.
We enjoy your blog. I have followed you for a number of years and recall how you wrote a stunning memorial to Sir Magick.
Please accept our late condolences for you loss of RubyGlow. Apparently you cherish your pets as if they were your children. Our pet dog Harvey, just died. My children and I are bereft. Do you think we should get another dog or allow us time to grieve? I plan to save a life and go to a shelter for an abandoned animal. So many poor animals are being abandoned.
anon in Colorado
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