Thursday, May 13, 2010


Arizona (ID) Senate Bill 1070/House Bill 2162

When laws of this nature get passed in other states, it will be wise to know what is in them. Do you feel President Obama can stop of this law by having it declared "unconstitutional?" ~ Ruby *o*
Identification Requirements
Recent coverage of Arizona Senate Bill 1070 / House Bill 2162, also known as the "Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act," has resulted in a number of questions about what identification residents and visitors need to travel within the Grand Canyon State.
Please note that this law will not be implemented until July 29, 2010, which was 90 days after the closure of the Arizona State Legislative session.
We will update this page as new information becomes available

I am Latino and I am legal.
My family is Latino. And they are also legal. We originated in Mexico, and chose to do the legal way because we are law-abiding, and we respect this great nation!!!!!
This is a law that is good. We all carry proper ID as a way of life. It is a crime to be here illegally, and people should NOT be given amnesty who came here illegally. That rewards crime. Get on the line like we did. Now why should we reward crime?
Anon in America and proud of being legal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My hard earned American citizenship is a very proud possession. We come from Asia and believe that invading America illegally is a crime. Like the first comment, I do not believe amnesty is the answer for illegals. God forbid.
Anon from Asia now an American
p.s. Learning English was number one for me. It is not an easy language.
Show me another country where people do not have to legally carry legit ID? IMHO this is a very long overdue law, and every state should have it! You should see what I go through each time my family visits Mexico, or European lands, with having to prove who we are. My friends have dual citizenship with the USA and Canada. You should see what they have to carry to prove who they are. This idea that illegals should be given the same rights as American citizens, is just awful.
anon in Texas
Dr. Yanez,
Immigration is a tough issue... We all got here that way. Most asked permission to enter. I don't feel sorry for the ones that don't (as a general rule).
Oh my GOD, what will they think up next? Imagine people having to carry legal ID around this country? Please excuse my sarcasm Dr. Ruby, but the nerve of people who do not want to carry legal ID is giving me a stomach ache. When my family came to America from Africa, they became citizens, learned English, worked very hard, and always carried their legal ID. We are mixed races. We love America! God bless America.
anon in California
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