Monday, June 07, 2010


The Need For God's Wisdoms

The author of this brilliant message is unknown to me. I applaud the humor, the wisdoms, and the thought.

God is sitting in Heaven when a scientist says to Him, "Lord, we don't Need you anymore.. Science has finally figured out a way to create life Out of nothing. In other words, we can now do what you did in the 'beginning !!."

"Oh, is that so? Tell me..." replies God.

"Well, " says the scientist, "we can take dirt and form it into the Likeness of You and breathe life into it, thus creating man."

"Well, that's interesting . Show Me. "

So the scientist bends down to the earth and starts to mold the soil.

"Oh no, no, no..." interrupts GOD

"Get your own dirt."

I do not know who authored these sage wisdoms but, the systematic removal of God from America has done enormous harm to your nation.
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