Sunday, January 16, 2011


IN THE NAME OF FEMININE SPIRITUALITY ~ (In The Name of My Personal Goddesses)

There's a part of spirituality that is remarkably feminine. It is nurturing, healing, compassionate, loving, generous, and above all, GODLY! It was my BELOVED MOM who showed me this initially. Irene Shirley had a life of tremendous challenges. Instead of taking her full scholarship to Pratt Institute, she was forced to work seven days a week in the family candy store during the Great Depression. This role came into her life because she was the eldest female. All her other siblings went on to higher educations. BTW, it was the same for my father. No one ever said life was fair. And in her/their case, it really wasn't.

Yet, she and I prayed together and it was just beautiful to feel. I am grateful for this spiritual training. No, it was not religious training. We lit Friday night candles, and prayed for healings. I now understand what a tremendous gift I was given by her. Even today, at an age I proudly disclose, I find that my prayer-life entails many of the lovely ideas my MOM taught me with her gentleness towards me. The feminine side of spirituality gives me ongoing courage, laughter, wisdoms, and the will to continue making choices that are not always simple. I applaud compassion and kindness. I applaud my beloved Mother. RIP..... Kisses to you, MOM. Kisses to all the spiritual mothers who have graced my life. amen ~ RubyNorma ~ *o*

We saw very similar things with our own family during The Great Depression.
Ralph Levine and Family
No one ever said these thought better or more simply. This is lovely. Thank you. The poor economy seems to dictate to many these days, as well as when your mother was over-worked during The Great Depression.
Jenny Ruth
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