Saturday, March 26, 2011


Your America

Is America sweating yet? Are we getting the government and governing we deserve? Are we courting our own disaster at nearly every level of our government, politics, healthcare, spending for entitlements, and corrupted leadership? Why has our growing, massive government become so over-paid for betraying us, while the private sector earns less than government workers for the same jobs? Is our government out of control?
All the photos above do represent a bit of your America.
I'm sorry I could not put more politicians of past presidencies on, but the blog could/would not handle it. Otherwise you'd also have seen Bush, Clinton, and Nixon, to name only a mere few.
I spent most of my life on the stage and never let them see me sweat. America is drowning in self-created quicksand, exponential debt, chronic warfare...... How sad for us now and for the future. We barely had our 15 seconds of stardom in the historical records. Please send in your comments and personal opinions on the state of your personal America? Remember, no dirty words or slanderings. Thanks. This blog should become very interesting in the next week or so with your important comments.
~ Blessings from and to Ruby *o*

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