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Cinderella Snow ~ Feline Health Intuitive

This article and all photos are the property of Dr. Yanez. It was published in OUR CATS OUR DOGS MAGAZINE IN ENGLAND.

Feline Health Intuitive ~ Cinderella Snow
By Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t

Entering the world of professional breeding was a very exciting time in our indoor home cattery. We chose to work with exquisite Bengal Leopard Cats and haven’t ever regretted the decision. In one of our last articles we wrote how our feline genius, Sir Magick, trains the furrrr~babies to do therapy work. But, Cinderella Snow was unique from birth. She was the very first kitten born to us, and.... our first snow leopard.... all in one precious bundle. From the beginning, Cindy was super friendly, gregarious and mischievous to the point of having a fulltime personal comedy show going on in our own home. This cat literally has a sense of humor, an enormous ego, and is blessed with enough love for an army of felines. Once she was observing me cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan. I left the ladder in place to do something and when I returned, there was Cinderella Snowball on top of the ladder, using her paws to clean the fan blades. I had to give her a good washing after that and remove the ladder for her to re-access. hahaha ;) There are people who aren't as intelligent as some of my cats.

Cinderella was the first to leave the birthing box of her litter of five big fat healthy siblings. She was also the first to bravely go exploring. She’d push the others away from her mom’s teats whenever a meal was on her sweet mind. Nothing was sacred with this little precious one. She ate like a gorilla, jumped higher than all her siblings, (Bengals are phenomenal athletes) and got into tons of trouble by opening every door, drawer, closet, and cabinet she could find. With this amount of enthusiasm for life, we did not dream that Cindy would be inclined towards doing therapy work, let alone that she would be sensitive enough to sniff out illnesses and diseases. But that talent was soon to manifest itself in an unusual manner.

One day I went to the local gym and did my usual workout. By the time I came home my left shoulder felt like a heated, razor-sharp knife had been slicing through it. I lay down in bed to rest when Cindy pranced over and began her biscuit dough kneading on me. This snow leopard always purrrrrrs loudly when she massages while looking deeply and directly into my eyes. Normally Cinderella begins by massaging up and down the sternum and then goes directly to the right shoulder. But that day, she sniffed my “left” shoulder, did nothing to the sternum or right shoulder, and pointed with her nose and front paws directly to the area in my "left" shoulder that was in such severe knifing pain. I was absolutely amazed.

Another example of her sensitivity is when a patient came for counseling and Cindy decided to join us. She went directly over to the man’s right ear and sniffed it, just like she did with my shoulder, then pointed with her nose and paws and gently began massaging it. I asked the man if he had any discomfort there and he said, "It was just fine." Well, the next day he called saying that he had to cancel his business trip because he had a raging ear infection in his “right” ear. How did the cat know if he didn’t? Good question, glad you asked. ;)

One explanation is that we are all made up of electro-magnetic energies and impulses which are scientifically measurable by using sensitive medical machinery. Cinderella’s intuitive skills are such that she can somehow feel the imbalance in a patient’s energy-field, which we humans refer to as “dis~ease.” Needless to say, if Cinderella Snow decides to sniff out an area of my body and points, I take immediate notice, even if it feels well at that time.

Cindy was on the competitive show cat circuit for a number of years. Her Royal Highness retired after earning the highest possible title of Platinum Grand Champion. Our precocious girl asked to be retired because it got boring and she needed to move on with her interesting life. Here are Cinderella’s early baby and adult photos to enjoy. Some Seal Lynx Point Bengals’ eyes will turn from ice blue to iridescent shocking cherry red. The red in her adult photo’s eyes is not from the camera flash or red-eye. Sometimes the red covers part of the eyeball. Other times it is the complete eyeball that turns into a fire globe.

Enjoy every second left to you with Cinderella Snowball. Our precious furry pets take a special place in our hearts.
Julie and Family and Pets in Florida.
In every way possible our dogs and cats help our family to heal, laugh, thrive, and love. Pets really are healers.
Cinderella Snowball is such a nice name. They give their healing love unconditionally.
Pasquale and Family
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