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Content excerpted from my book, "Angels In My Chicken Soup."

The human concepts of heaven and hell = good and evil, go back many thousands of years. Some attribute these ideas to religions.

I do not. Instead, I attribute these ideas way further back in time to when we, as a species, began more logical thinking about things like death, accidents, illnesses, giving birth to a live or dead baby, and the elements of nature. Life, at its best, was so hard that if we were to time-travel back to hunting and gathering cave life, we would not get through one full day..

Infant mortality must have been excruciatingly high. When a baby lived, it was glorious for the tribe because it meant the survival of life for the tribe. When food was scarce or non-existent, it was like hell because of the suffering/starvation. When safe shelter, food and water were plentiful, it was like heaven for the moment. The predators ate man, woman, child, babies like sushi.

MAN really does not know exactly what happens to us when we cease to exist in our physical, mortal bodies. The Ancient Egyptians believed we were judged by our behaviors and hearts against the feather, for all eternity. But is it that simple?

Why not ponder this? Perhaps we are judged BOTH for heaven and hell depending upon how spiritually good or no good we have behaved? Perhaps we can be in both heaven and hell part time? No one is 100% in all things good or evil. Even Repulsive Hitler seemed to love his dogs and.... the most callous and evil of humans on occasion cares for something?

Given these thoughts, I am certain we are going to receive many replies. Please remember that this is a very well-loved, global blog. Keep your answers clean enough to be respectfully printed.

Yes, the Casey Anthony trial has caused me and many others to ponder much about heaven and hell. Has it done the same for you?

This is one of your best works, Dr. Yanez. Your wonderful ideas simply blow my mind. Thank you.
Hazel in England
I so appreciate your wise and tender heart on this.
Am reminded of a quote from Abraham Heschel (one wise mystic)..."The opposite of good is not evil. It is indifference."
Elenita in MD
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