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Each year on my birthday, I love to remember my MOM. Even when grown, I called her "MOMMY Irene." Her life was horrible, filled with the violence and abuse we both longed to forget. She was my best friend, and loved me unconditionally. For this, I remain eternally grateful.

In spite of the harsh home environment, we managed to survive, and today I am an ancient one. In fact, your daughter is one of the oldest persons in our earthly world.

The eons of time have past since my final visit with Mommy Irene. She was in Long Island Jewish Hospital when we last held hands, spoke of the future, and neither one wanted to let go. My baby and I had recently lost my husband. We were too young to lose my precious mother and she was too young to die.

For all the love and attention you gave me in the midst of my father's and both grandmothers' severe abuse, I give my undying respect and love back to you. At the end, you were so brave, My Mommy. God Bless You. Your Loving Daughter, InaNormaRuby. Happy Birthday to Us. Happy Birthday to Us.

Comments: = Beautiful tribute to your MOM. anon

How pretty she was. You must miss her terribly. anon

Nothing can replace a wonderful mother. anon

Loving your old photos. My MOM is also my best friend. anon


Thinking of you and your mom, Ruby. I have always thought birthdays should be in honor of the mothers first, then those actually born. I know you still keep in touch with your mom even though she's gone from this world.
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