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Why Do We Live And Die, And Live Again?

Before you get the idea that I am going to tell you the answers, let me be perfectly honest with you. I do not know. What I do know from a long and very dramatic life is that life and death are two sides of the same coin for me because = I have survived four NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES, and come back from the other side with super-lucid recalls each time.

This series of encounters over a very long period have taught me that life continues in other energetic formatting after our physical bodies stop breathing. With each of these NDR's, I came back very changed. Sometimes it took years for the changes to settle. Sometimes they engulfed me as soon as I regained consciousness.

An example of this is:

Much of this incarnation has been spent in show business. Fancy gowns, stage make-up, and glamour, plus lots of traveling, were quite important to me. Yet after the last NDR, none of the glitz gave me as much satisfaction as it had in the past. My life then veered off onto healing, research, and finishing degrees in order to fulfill my dramatically altered new interests that occurred after coming back from the fourth near death encounter. I must say that not once did I want to return, and argued with my angels to allow me to remain with them in spirit. Tell me what is spirit? Only God truly knows that answer!

Hahahahah. No one can argue with an angel. I was tossed back to this earthly plane for more learnings than I bargained for!!!! Yes, I have also had profound experiences with becoming one with GOD ALMIGHTY! But for the life of me, I do not even have the words to describe that adventure. So many religious representatives will tell us all about heaven, hell, and the grades in between. Do they know more than than we "Returnees?" I have spoken with uncountable numbers of people who have returned from the other side with far different experiences than mine. Some say they were with Jesus or Krishna or The Buddha. Some claim they were with their deceased family, pets, loved ones. A few were taken to horrifying Hell. Each culture can give varying accounts due to their unique beliefs and religions.

I cannot speak for anyone other than what I repeatedly went through. And yes, I really felt swooped/scooped through some kind of a tunnel. And that was in both directions...

Please write in and tell us about your own NDR's???? You are in safe company with me. Blest Be. RubyNorma *o*

P.S. The author of this stunning photo is unknown. But, thank you anyway!

Because of the many comments, I will post them inline for my readers.

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Absolutely stunning to read. Thank you Dr. Yanez. Rihanna in GA

I'm one of those RETURNEES who was taken to see HELL. Have never been the same since. Many of my core values changed. Bob in Utah

Cannot say I believe in any of this stuff. But it was a very nice story to read. A. in Buffalo, NY

Lots to think about. Please write more on this subject?

Juan in Toronto

Heaven is where I was taken in an NDR. You validated my experience. The doctors merely poo-pooed my adventure on the other side while clinically dead. Khalid in Detroit

Are you kidding me? Things like this do not happen. F. NYC

You go girl. We are glad they sent you back four times to report all you learned on the other side! Keep writing on that subject. We loved it. MORE Please? Vincenzo in Belize

I still want to know why we have to return here? Stella in PR

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