Saturday, October 15, 2011


Another Side of Life-Para-Norma-lly Yours

After a lifetime of investigating beliefs other than Judeo-Christian, I am convinced that the true religion is =
"I love INSCRUTABLE God and God loves me." All the rest is man-made-spam.

I have been clinically dead four times with lucid, total recall of the other side. It was beyond mere words. The magnitude is inscrutable for my few languages. I was held with gentle love, fabulous nurture, total safety, and..... there were no lies, no crimes, and they took me to see the eternal universal infinity. I did not wish to return here. Every time they sent me back saying, "There is more work to complete." The next time, is the last for this incarnation. Thank you God. Amen *o*
p.s. "THEY" = my angelic guides.

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