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Healing People And Animals With The Laying On Of Hands

Reprinting this blog with permission of author.

Friday, August 31, 2007

We can trace the laying on of hands back to prehistoric times. I have no doubt that ancient cave shamans were using this remarkable healing device for hunter/gatherer injuries eons ago with positive results. Please contact us with your own stories about how gentle healing/touching has helped you personally or others, animals, and even your plants at: ohmygods13@yahoo.com

Touching with the intentionality of love in order to ease suffering, or simply to comfort another is instinctual. One need only to look upon a mother and her newborn baby to see how important it is to touch. This act ignites a chemistry for growth in newborns. Without it, chances are the baby will not thrive and could die. In the animal kingdom, we see a mother licking, rubbing, and feeding her babies as a natural progression to the birthing process. If the mother abandons her baby or does not touch it, it is a clear sign that unless there is an intervention, this baby animal will die. Many of us in the healthcare professions have studied and become certified in an ever-growing variety of modalities to accommodate the needs of our patients. We have Healing Touch, Touch For Healing, Reiki, Polarity balancing, magnetic therapies, chiropractors, physical therapists, and even distance healers who tune into the energy of a photo. I participated in a double blind scientific experiment about twenty years ago where we were provided with photos of mice injected with cancers. We were to pray and touch the photos, speaking loving words and care to the pictures. My mouse was named Mickie. When the final results came in, the mice who were left alone died much sooner than did the mice who were prayed and spoken to via their photos. Amazing? Not really. Medicine is now realizing that there are mental energies we can use to help others and one of them is prayer. Another is gentle healing touch."The Laying on of hands" is used throughout a multitude of worldwide religions. Can anyone, including you, perform this kindly act with the intention of healing? The answer is "YES!" All that is really necessary is a desire to see someone feel better. In no way is this to say that medical care, medications, surgery when needed, etc. is not to be done. This is an adjunct to other treatments. Education with respected and qualified teachers is better yet. But even if no training were to take place, your intent and focus will be powerful to keep in your medical tool chest. I think of it as mental aspirin. grin :) The next time you are in a situation where it feels right and socially acceptable, you may wish to give a gentle touch with their permission, to someone who is suffering. You will be surprised at how well this is appreciated.

Reprinted with permission of author, Dr. InaNorma Yanez, Ch.t, from
The Arizona Networking News

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