Saturday, October 01, 2011


MIRACLE TYME, by Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*

My Humble Prayer For Today!

In the right and perfect way, I ask INSCRUTABLE God Goddess Almighty Mind.....for exponential good health, happy wealth, sincere and nurturing love, and purrrrfect self-expression ASAP, for us, and all that we love. amen *o* PLUS.... The EARTHLY TYME to enjoy it thoroughly! grins ;-) ~ Love RubyNorma *o* and Her Precious Meows

Today brought me joy-filled-news of a miraculous event that I must share with you, my readers. A wonderful friend, who has had a very challenging life and is in poor health, just called to confide that over three million dollars was just won from The Lottery. I am not at liberty to say name, gender, or state. The family wants privacy to fully savor this miracle, and to plan wisely for its use. One thing they will do is rescue abandoned animals. Knowing this wondeful soul, I am sure many will share in the incredible win.

There is genuine joy in my heart, as I know how life can be an up/down see saw ride. This is a beautiful reminder that miracles really can and do happen.

It will be so special to share our mutual miracles for the public to read because we are facing really ???? events in America and globally. Your stories are very welcomed. Norma's Ark was and is designed for spiritual uplifting when the mood strikes. And the mood is striking. I will periodically share some of my own wondrous miracles and hope to hear from many of you.

Thank you. Be happy for my friend. Smile *o*


1-It is great to hear that something wonderful happened to a dear friend! I pray for her/his health and happiness, as I am sure she/he will wisely decide what to do next!

2-Remember this - - - The Lottery is also gambling.

3-Oh how wonderful!



6-Many Lottery winners mis-use their lucky miracle.

7-You show a generous and loving side of yourself with this blog, Dr. Yanez.

8-Miracles really do happen.

9-This is some story. American debt should be so lucky.

10-And the next lucky winner should be you RubyNorma.

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