Thursday, May 03, 2012



Tri-Polarism is a phrase I coined to describe multiple personalities.  For all the years and patients who have been a portion of my professional life, I give thanks to sincere prayer, many years in a classroom, and respect to every aspect of what has been utilized in the effort to help people and animals heal.  Yes, we also work with animals.

PTSD is something so challenging, and yet it tantalizes me.  Whenever possible, the most rewarding aspect of this work is to see real and concrete  improvement.  All credit must go to the patients.  We work diligently to create harmony back into the hurt lives. Success is to see someone who cannot function, return to an active and productive life.  It can take a very long time, or a very short period.  No two patients are the same.  Each case is an individual finger-print of emotions and reframing. 

Continuing Norma's Ark Blog is part of my way to inform.  Thank you for your readership and contacts. Blest Be.  Ruby *o*

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