Friday, June 29, 2012



Dear America,
We have gone through a lot in the years since your birth. 
Too many wars.
Too many racial nightmares.  
Too many prejudicial minds condemning other religions.
Too many bad habits, taxes, laws, etc.  The ever-growing number of rules are already choking us.
We have survived so much.
Before I close my eyes,
it would be so wonderful to see peace,
justice, and a return of spiritual values to our land.  
Thanks for listening.

Love Ruby *o* 

Hope springs eternal. This country will turn itself around and the future generations will find a way out of this current mess.
Anon in Minnesota
I came to America from another land ruled by Communism, and it was a dictatorship. All the signs are now showing in America that this is the current direction. F. In America
At this time in MAN's spiritual development, humans aren't able or willing to stop warfare. How tragic for the innocents in harm's way.
Anon Rome Italy
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