Saturday, June 16, 2012



It is with great smiles that I can say our Precious HoneyGlow has decided to become a therapy cat for my patients.  She was rescued as a feral pregnant older kitten.  For sure she has seen a lot in her brief life.  Yet she walks around loudly purring, and is so breathtakingly sweet it makes my heart smile.
Yesterday, HoneyGlow made the choice to choose a patient to help.  I was enthralled watching this transition. Truly she is now earning her kibbles.
Thank you for helping others, Sweet HoneyGlow.  The more you live with us, the more you behave like our RubyGlow in Rainbow!
It is beautiful to witness.  I love you. 

To think, she and her babies could have died while living in the streets, and now HoneyGlow helps people as a therapy cat. What a wonderful story you painted for me Dr. Yanez.
Anon in Northern California
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