Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Uncle Al and the Products of War

My Uncle Al aka Abraham Schwartz went to war in the U.S. Navy.  He fixed bombardment airplanes both on the warships and in industrial environments during WW 2, and was constantly exposed to ASBESTOS.
In the mid 90s nearly 50 years after the exposures to asbestos, he began having chronic trouble with  coughing and feeling ill.  He was not a smoker, drank quite a bit, and decided to be tested in a Brooklyn, NY hospital.  It came back Lung Cancer.  After allowing them to inject dye to do even more tests, he had a fatal allergic reaction to the dye.  When he passed shortly after that last phone call I made to the hospital, I never even knew of the word MESOTHELIOMA!

In recent years, there have been massive numbers of class action lawsuits on behalf of dying people who contracted this horrendous illness from being exposed to asbestos.  Many were just like my Uncle Al.... who were also in the U.S. Navy during
WW 2.

Of course it is after the fact, as he died in 1994.   But.... My Wonderful Uncle Al/Abie, I still miss your love and caring for me and my child.  You were so busy in life helping others.  I recall you saying that you wanted to be an angel when you crossed over.  Well, now you are!

We will never know how many people were exposed to asbestos and died before this word of MESOTHELIOMA came into the American Jargon.
Thanks to the many class-action-lawyers, we are now hearing about it with your ads on TV.  RIP  Uncle Al!!!!

Our Family lost three people to this disease by being exposed to asbestos in The Navy during WW 2.
no amount of money can replace them.
The Williams Family in America
When I worked for the Govt. I worked in buildings with asbestos. We had to move to other buildings while ours was cleaned out. The last building I worked in and retired from still had it. Two of my friends worked there for years also…one of them kept a file on it and took photos of the asbestos. It was still there when she retired last year.
When dealing with large governments, what can anyone expect but apathy?
If enough people complain or sue, the government either erases the complaints or pretends it just doesn't exist.
Fighter Pilot from Korean War.
Our ads in Ohio don't say what it is or what it is caused from. Apparently in Arizona they are telling the truth. ANON in Ohio
Hi Ruby,
This is a very poignant story.By what you have said about him,he must have been already an angel here even before leaving his family,bless his soul.
In Australia there has been several people having a class action against an asbestos company.They won after nearly fifteen years fighting in the high courts.Sadly one of the fighting men ,who was on oxygen nearly all the time died before the decision was made to compensate the families of all those people who had died of lung cancer. ANON in Melbourne

We've seen the commercial on TV, but it never states what it is from or what could possibly cause it. The people should be aware of this situation, not just a short version of this on a TV ad. ANON
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