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I wish to pay tribute to the lady in this photo, and her mother Monica Morgan. This may have been taken around 1908. She, Josefina, was the mother  to my deceased husband Felipe Yanez, his famous and dramatic siblings, and was the paternal grandmother to my only child JoJo. 
I never met Josefina in person because the Cuban Revolution separated us.  Her mother was Monica Morgan who remained living with Josefina until her own death from throat Cancer.  I feel relatively certain that Monica was once a slave in Cuba, and will discuss this privately with anyone who wants to hear more about the heinous part of MAN's inhumanity to MAN, Woman, and child..  The name "Morgan" is a direct contact with J.P. Morgan's family, where Josefina lived for around two years with another light skinned brother.  The Morgan mansion housed them on only one condition.  They were never to make contact with their dark skinned Cuban mother Monica Morgan, or... they would forfeit the right to live there.  After two years away from their Afro-Cuban mother Monica, they chose to return to her in Cuba, rather than live a sterile life in J.P. Morgan's home.  You see, he was their grandfather via his son.  

Without going into too many more public details, I find myself respecting this lady more as each year passes.  The only contact with Josefina was through my deceased husband's recollections in NYC, and an occasional phone call which was censored by a Communist Dictatorship owned by Fidel Castro. Suffice it to say, this family was deeply and tragically involved in The Castro Cuban Revolution.

My mother-in-law lived through so much sorrow that I wonder how she survived?  Her 17 year old son killed himself.  Her next youngest sank in the middle of the ocean and was saved after eight days on a sinking raft, only to nearly lose his leg from injuries in the ship's sinking.  He witnessed many people drown and be eaten by sharks.  Others of her children escaped from Communist Cuba and she never saw them again.  There was a severe level of reprisals for not being Communists in a Communist nation that cost her dearly in so many ways.  How did this courageous and beautiful woman survive the many catastrophes in her life?  I am going to assume from our conversations that she was deeply religious. There was a potent element of The Catholic Religion, and also from Santeria, an Afro-Cuban religion. I know we prayed with each other on the phone, and cried together for wanting so much to know each other.  It was never to be. All I could do was to love and respect her from afar.  I imagine that Josefina's adult children who ran away from their homeland of Cuba, felt enormous yearnings for this amazingly strong, beautiful woman. After all, her mother Monica Morgan, was an icon for me.

With all my heart Josefina and Monica Morgan, I ask GOD to nurture you both...  and pray to know you on the other side of life.  You are role-models for me.  Courage and dignity cannot be bought and sold the way the Slave MASTERS sold human stock. 

When courage leaves my own bones, I focus on those who have taught me valid spiritual lessons.  You both are in that league.  Josefina, I am so proud of you to keep your mother near you when she was fatally ill.  That took a courage far greater than many of today's generations would do.  I know you loved her very deeply.  And rightly so Josefina, because I do too.  

Below is J.P. Morgan, who totally altered all your lives.  What kind of man would tell two young children never to see their mother again? Monica had four children with J.P. Morgan's son, I was told.  Two were pale and he allowed them his name.  Two were dark and he did not allow them to live with him.  I can only imagine what Monica Morgan, their mother, felt from the severe prejudice and cruelty. And yet, SLAVERY IS STILL ALIVE AS I WRITE THIS  DAMNING BLOG. He and his family could and should have shown more compassion and kindness to their relatives.  Just look at the face of hideous prejudice!   All their money could not buy kindness and compassion. Think about how many businesses are named after this man who would have claimed two light skinned grandchildren as his family providing they never spoke to their mother in Cuba ever again, and then he abandoned two dark grandchildren! I wonder if he disowned his son for fathering these four known children? 


Dr. Yanez, you write very well. This is quite a story to reveal! Yes, slavery is still an ongoing damnation against MAN. Apparently, we have much to learn about being more spiritually human. ANON
Can you write more about Cuba please? Thank you. Maya
This article really made me think. Our family enjoys Norma's Ark. Our three children have gained new insights from your writings. They will again be learning from this latest blog as well. Slavery is an abomination, and even though it was acceptable in biblical times, it is a terrible thing, still being perpetrated in many countries around the world right now. Will Man ever learn that he is not GOD! How can one human own another human?
ANON in Chicago
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