Thursday, September 06, 2012



Here’s a photo of the happiest day of my life at about, or almost three.  The majority of my long gone family is behind the blanket at Rockaway beach, NY.  Even then, I was an entertainer.  I was singing my little heart out and people were coming over to enjoy the baby’s performance!
My Precious MOM and Grandma Minnie, her MOM are on the blanket.  DAD was in the background with all my aunts, some uncles, and cousins.   God bless that special and loving day.  It brings me smiles and happiness to see this innocent photo and me, so exquisitely untouched yet by life. *o*

Little Ina Ruby Norma... This is precious.
You looked like Shirley Temple.
What a sweet baby girl you were.
The happiness shines through the photo.
Just lovely. Amy
You are so lucky to have photos of your childhood. N in Melbourne
Just adorable. A in AZ
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It is nice to have happy memories of your childhood. I don't.
ANON in Alaska
Bless you for the pretty blogs you create,
Dr. RubyNorma.
ANON Miami
You were born with talent to show and give to others. How sweet to see. Thank you.
Ramona in Ohio
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