Saturday, December 15, 2012


Prayers For The Children

"Prayers For The Children" their anguished families, their friends.  The horror of what took place yesterday in CT is beyond words.  Yet look around this world for a moment please?  The slaughtering of children in war-torn countries is also beyond words.  So it has been since MAN took it upon himself to wreak havoc on others.  Yet the children are least able to defend themselves.

For the bereaved people I send my love and compassion.  For the souls of uncountable, long dead children since the beginning, I send my love and compassion.  Rest In Peace Precious Little Ones.  You would have been our future.  May Inscrutable God nurture your souls. amen

Ruby *o*

What treachery to see in our land. ANON in CT
There's evil and madness in our species. The male crackpot did the massacre. Too easy to blame the gun only. Blame the perpetrator first.
ANON in Detroit
Amen. Quite Touching. Val
May these slaughtered children be loved in the hands of GOD. My whole family and I feel devastated for the grieving families. Layla and Family in CA
Where is the justice in this horrible atrocity? We have grown up facing the same terror. Darren age Thirteen
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