Tuesday, March 19, 2013



"We might have immortality in the 'afterlife', but the only guarantee that any of us have of immortality in 'this' life is the amount of time we live on in the hearts, minds and memories of those who love us and hold us dear."

An old Russian proverb, and boy does it resonate with me.  Thank you Jimmy Lee for sending it. For all who know me, my love for those who have crossed over 
The Rainbow Bridge is alive and well, giving immortality to them as long as I have memory. grins :-)
God bless you and nurture you all.  Until we meet again. Ruby *o*

Ruby, thanks for putting that on the blog. It's something that we all need to remember. There are so many who are forgotten so very fast. They say that it takes no more than three to four generations for someone who is not in the 'history books' to be utterly forgotten except for being a name and set of dates on some fading tombstone or weathered bronze plaque in a cemetery. JL in Moscow
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