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The journey we call life has been a long one for me.  "The They"  say people come into our lives for a reason and a season.   Some stay a while.  Others are around only ever so briefly.  Then there are those who remain a lifetime or less.   The profound and sometimes dramatic experiences we encounter have lasting results.  When my first husband died at a young age leaving our infant girl and me, I had a religious experience followed by uncountable paranormal events.  In a future blog I will give those details.  Today is simply about the journey we call "LIFE!"

I am happy to have attained the golden/rusty years! grins :-)  After many life-threatening illnesses, surgeries, accidents, and emotional traumas, I find myself just flowing now.  Most of my family is gone.  Those who are still alive are not in my world.  We have parted either by geographic distance or simply because we do not seem to gel.
There is no blame.  It is what it is.  I wish them well, and have no idea what they wish me.
The friends and spiritually adopted souls who are current to my journey, and I in theirs, are a blessing..  Truly, you are my real family.  So are my pets.  Those who are in spirit visit often with love and amazing wisdoms to share.  Those who are still living in my care are cherished. I believe in life after life. The passing of our bodies is an energetic alteration I cannot verbally explain yet, but for some reason, it all makes sense to my soul wisdom.  Thank you for being part of my life and happiness.

Many years ago on a day that would have been my mother's birthday, I wrote this briefly and so longingly. Perhaps it will make you ponder your own journey?


Why is life so complicated?  Life has enough flaws as it is.
Am I also one of life's flaws?
Is being perfect part of life?
Make me an offer I can't refuse.
Show me how to simplify and get through....

Was just browsing when your blog came to view. This posting is great! NYC
I feel the same, about those who have been in my life! And even now continue down the road in present day experiences. Then there are those who stop by every now and then for a spot of tea, and to share a thought. It all counts on the journey of life. Thanks for the time you have shared with me on the road. E in AZ
AMEN to your beautiful blog.
R & family in Idaho
I like the way you think. RM NYC
In the end, all that matters is the love we have shared. ANON
Brooklyn, NY
I too have lived a long life. After those who come, stay, or go, I choose to remember only the happy times. If there weren't happy times, then I choose not to remember them at all. B Alaska
Lovingly profound.
And, how I love the pictures.
Elenita in MD
Let there be much more love and compassion, and much less fighting and warfare. amen
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