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Hi Mommy,
It's me again.  Today I used one of your pots for cooking some meat.  All of a sudden, it was like the olden days when you were alive and we celebrated family holidays together in New York.  :-)  Touching your pot today reminded me of how many times we used it to prepare for a family get together.  I washed it lovingly and then dried it on my kitchen rack to absorb the bright sunshine outside the window.  While staring at it, a sea of memories came vividly in front of my eyes.  How many times we laughed together, ate at someone's big family table, and left stuffed to the gills with the yummy food! We didn't always have parties at our house in Brooklyn. Sometimes it was in Bayside, and other times it was in Wantaugh, or Dix Hills, LI.  The cousins would be up to their sillyness.  The adults would discuss politics and the economy, or what future school one of us might attend.
This was so family, yet we all took it for granted. Not me.  Not anymore.  Now it is time to look back at it all. You and your three siblings are long gone.  The family has split apart living in many distant places.  And yet, missing you so, I still use your pots.  Thank you MOM, for all the love and loyalty.  After me, no one will really want your pots.  They will go to a Good Will so another family can enjoy the many years of energy they exude.  Here's to the parties, and all the pleasure they have given, and will continue to give.  My mother's pots will touch many in the future to come.  God Bless you MOMMY.

had a similar moment yesterday looking through a box of My mum's keepsakes .... she had kept every card that we had ever written to her. miss her so much
Fiona in England
Made me cry to remember our long gone mother's parties for our now tiny surviving family.
Jake in NYC
Hi Ruby,
This is a blessing to be able to remember all these stories and still having these cooking pots to make yummy food with.I cannot remember any such tales as my home environment was riddle with traumatic events.
Have a nice day.
Nick in Australia
What wonderful memories to share. Thank you. Cat in AZ
Adopting friends to be family is GOOD!!! A in America
Loving those sweet memories.
ANON in Delaware
Dear Ruby,
Thank you so much for sharing your Mom memories. She was a real inspiration. I know this because I know she would be so happy and proud of you...all that you have done and become. God Has Blessed You and your family, and will continue to do so.

What a lovely tribute to your mother. I think you must be a lot like her!

Thanks for sharing and I hope you had a very Happy Thanksgiving!
So many memories are attached to old cooking pots! Brindal in UK
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