Sunday, July 27, 2014


One of My Four Near Death Experiences

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My life has been dedicated to doing research in this realm. For those of us who have had NDE's it is almost comical to try to explain to those who doubt, but never had a death experience. I had it four times in this incarnation. No one has to tell me that life continues on after corporeal death. YES, I heard the doctors saying that I was dead.... and heard them say let's try to bring her back she is so young. My consciousness rose above that dead body and Operating Room bright lighting to see me foaming at the mouth, grey/white in that heinous death color. The machines were flat-lined. I saw/heard a surgical nurse vomiting and having to leave the OR while I was physically dead. With no physical body to hold me down, my freed spirit flew away into the hospital lobby and saw things I could later describe and have verified. Yes, there really is a whooshing sound going through that tunnel to the other side of life where the angelic beings told me my spirit would have to return to the body riddled with so much suffering and pain. You better believe I argued with them to let me stay. When I reluctantly came back from death, the docs said I was imagining things. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. It is they, who simply haven't had this miraculous experience, who are imagining all wrong. 
Dr. RubyNorma Yanez *o*
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As many as 40 percent of Americans believe they have communicated with the dead. Are all of these people...

WOW! You have freed me to discuss my own Near Death Experience by writing about yours. Thank you for sharing.
Anon in NH
My uncle flat-lined during a quadruple bypass. He later described the exact same experience in the operating room. He didn't experience other beings. Dusty R.
Although I haven't had a NDE, I do believe in them as I have had other experiences with how things happen for no apparent reason. I believe I had help from someone who has passed on. It has happened several times. I have the feeling someone is with me and helped in directing things to happen in my life with either putting the right person in my path or protecting me from some decision I was struggling with.

I also think I have left my body a couple times as I remember one time I was out there very happy just above the world with a cord and when I was being pulled back into my body I felt it and heard a whooshing sound. I sat right up in bed - it was so real. It had an impact on me for several days.

Life is full of unexplainable things and I like it. LR

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