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Last night I could not fall asleep so I got up and went to my computer.  I had been in deep meditation and prayer, thinking/feeling deeply about my two precious pets who had recently transitioned to Rainbow..  One of them was having a tough time in this transition and came to me repeatedly to say "he was scared"... even though he is in Heaven. The news on my computer re: an assortment of unnerving, global events,  plus my friend's kittie Happy, died in her arms, startled me.  OYCH!
So I tuned into Facebook a bit seeking something I had posted yesterday, and all of a sudden, the above photo of Calypso MonAmi, the frightened kittie in Rainbow, popped onto the screen!  I sat there in awe of his photo's unexpected appearance... and just went dead still.  Apparently,  the many prayers done on his behalf to calm him from the transition have helped, as Callie Boy was serene, happy, and letting me know that life on the other side was now well with him.  YES!  There really is a GOD!  Inscrutable, and all-knowing.  God/dess Almighty Mind took pity last night and gave me this miraculous contact that I am so grateful for.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  As for my beloveds in Rainbow, HASTA LA PROXIMA!
I love you from my soul. And much gratitude to all my loyal friends who have been praying for me, knowing that in very recent times, my family has taken many losses with multiple deaths of loved ones..  Love Ruby *o*
Below is cherished Cheyenne who also just passed.  She tells me that Rainbow is fantastic, and immediately adjusted to life after life. :-) We love you Sweetheart! We miss you Cheyenne. Thank GOD you are not suffering anymore.

I am also very mediumistic,
Dr. Yanez. My loved ones in spirit also visit. Thank you for posting this kind of writing, as it shows me that there are others who are so sensitive and open, they too have contacts. Lulu

Maybe GOD was giving you the news you so longed to know about with the closing of the BOOK of Life yesterday.

Ahhhhhhhhhh.....once again.
Bouquets of love,

SO wonderful for you to get that validation! DD in AZ
Of course you did your best for your beloved furries, and I expect any of them to come to you for help if needed! So glad it worked out for them! Phyllis C.
When we receive contact by the other side from our loved ones, it is pure joy! Do not long too much. It is a party on the other side when we arrive. Thank you for sharing. Rev. J
I am so happy to hear both precious angels are doing well. Thank you for sharing.
Sharon Rose
Hi, Sweet RubyNorma! Thanks for sharing. Your experiences help many others.

Blessings to you!
Hal Henry in Peru

Such precious babies - so glad you found comfort! Nanci
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