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Do you believe in GOD?  What is GOD?
Many of the world's religions describe GOD as "INSCRUTABLE."  How do you describe GOD?  Please comment and tell us your beliefs?   Are you able to say GOD is also GODDESS?  Is GOD nature?   Do you actually feel GOD? Do you have religious experiences?  Have you witnessed miraculous events worth telling us about?
Are your beliefs the only ones that are the right ones, or do you accept that people have other faiths than yours? 
Thank you in advance of your comments.  They will be added onto this blog for the public to see.

Yes, I too believe GOD is INSCRUTABLE. God is also Goddess, nature, and all things.
People do have the right to whatever religion suits them unless it is based in intentionally hurting others. Dr. B
What a volatile topic. YES, there really is GOD. No, I do not know what GOD is. D
GOD is everything, and beyond our scope. R.
I am both pagan and a believer in Almighty GOD! S.
So, my puny answers to your questions:

Do you believe in GOD?

What is GOD?
G-d is pure Spirit... Jim

Yes, I believe in GOD. N
I Know GOD is alive , The "Original" created all things. The first descendants
who shared their DNA helix, with humans, all created by the Original "GOD"
I am open to all religions with one exception! Eric

My answer to your basic question is, YES, there is a God. And most importantly their are Karmic Laws, in particular, Karma - that 'what you Sew, you Reap', or 'what you give, you get'.

More important than a belief in God, is to one's Life's Purpose, which is encoded within them just prior to Birth. Some people are so duped by cell phones and materialism, that they don't have a clue of what their Purpose may be, but it's encoded in their Heart, their Heart Knowing. Just by asking that simple question, 'What is my Life's Purpose?, or 'What are my Next Steps? (because some people already know their Purpose), the answers will come. Amazing! Dr. HH

I believe that what people call God is the Universe, the whole of creation.
I feel surrounded and supported by it. I have been blessed by miracles. I have seen the other side.
I do not believe in religions which I believe were only created to control mankind.
Don’t share my ideas with many and not publicly!!!!!!!! ANON

divine principle
holy spirit
GOD is dead! Anon
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