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This is a brief and deeply felt tribute to those who have been my loyal family, friends, pets.  You will never really know how much you mean to me.  Your kindness, compassion, love, and humor all bring to light how wonderful it is to have lasting friendships.  From the bottom of my heart and soul, I wish you the best of all that is to come into your lives.
With Love and Appreciation,
RubyNorma  *o*

Funny to find this tribute because I recently did something very similar with my loyal friends. Dr. J
AMEN. D in Boston
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Yes Ruby, I do love you..... Holly

A beautiful tribute and thank you for traveling along the life's path on our journey.
Love Sally

Well said. Esther in TX
Back to you soul-sister. J
Knowing you for all these many years has been a sweet friendship. Thank you. M
Thank you for saving my life when the chips were down. F
Through the good times, and the not such good times, you have always been there for me. I am so grateful for our long friendship. L in Florida
Thanks my friend.
To you the same tribute! Hugs and loves. SA

How lovely...DITTO
Bouquets of hugs back to you 😆

Love you RubyNorma. I want to wish you a Happy and Healthy 2016. Janice in PA
Thank you, Ruby. Hope you have a happy and blessed new year!

Much love,

That is so nice, RubyNorma! Thank you! jim
Do you realize that many of your sensitive blogs give great solace to others, including me? Blest Be. Thank you for caring about people and animals.
Joyce Ramos
Sometimes we just have to tell those who are special, I love you. Reverend G.
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